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Rootid Handmade Jewelry

Posted in Uncategorized by Jason Gray on June 13, 2009


Chicago jewelry designer, Erin Martinez, has been fashioning intensely crafted, wearable art pieces for years. Her most recent technique she picked up while traveling with her husband through Peru and through Guatemala. Specifically, sitting down with artisans on the street was what gave her the creative impetus for these pieces.


Hitching rides in bumpy, chicken-coop trucks through the countryside of these places gave her a first hand view of how the native people made use of the land, and instilled in her an affinity with their place of existence. All of the raw materials for her jewelry came from that journey, and subsequent ones, where Mrs. Martinez was afforded the opportunity to meet with the seller in person. She says that she is a proponent of Fair Trade practices, and she sought to give her suppliers a price that was consistent with the types of things that she was buying.


If you would like to see more, or are interested in purchasing one of Erin’s creations, visit her Etsy store through the link provided on d’ArteBoard’s homepage.


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