Hours of Idleness-A Photographer's Journey in St. Louis

Kiener Plaza and Home Run Derby, 2009

Posted in photography by Jason Gray on July 14, 2009


“Zenit” by Mimmo Paladino, Bronze and Aluminum, 1999.

What can I say? Pujols did not win the Home Run Derby, Prince Fielder was crowned with that title, but St. Louis still was blessed with a wonderful evening (and a record-breaking charity event). I didn’t have a ticket to get into Busch Stadium III, so I started the night at the new Citygarden, where I was supposed to have met up with Jim Trotter and a group of photogs from Meetup.com. That didn’t happen (I asked a couple of photographers there, and finding only embarrassment, gave up; although, I heard that Trotter was wearing a helpful, big, name tag). In any case, here are some of the pics.

All Nikon D50 with either the 50mm f/1.8D or Tokina AT-x Pro 11-16mm f/2.8 lenses.


13My wife outside the Richard Serra sculpture, “Twain” (Steel, 1982).

14Surface of the Serra.


17“It’s an enclosure. To experience the piece, you must walk through it. You won’t know the world after one view. Visually, the only total view will be from one of the high buildings. It is not a solid, high steel wall. It has eight openings. The piece relates to the Arch, to the intersections, to the buildings.” -Richard Serra, on “Twain”


21Critical or insightful, you decide.  Can you tell yet that I love Richard Serra?

On to the 102 vertical jets of splash plaza at the Floodplain Band…





31Boy in the foreground is standing on “Voyage” by Jean-Micel Folon, Bronze, 1999.

33My photo accomplice, the lovely, Hailie Traylor.

34Hailie with Mark di Suvero’s, “Aesop’s Fables”, Painted Steel, 1990.

35She thinks that she is in a photogenic slump; who else begs to differ?

36“Four Rectangle Oblique” by George Rickey, Stainless Steel, 1979.


24My wife with Jim Dine’s “Big White Gloves, Big Four Wheels”, Painted Bronze, 2009.



38“2 Arcs x 4 230.5 Degree Arc x 5” by Bernar Venet, Steel, 1999.

40Mandi inside “Eros Bendato” by Igor Mitoraj, Bronze, 1999.




43Inside the eye.



Among the photographers that I met that weren’t a part of the Meetup outing, was the official photographer for Citygarden (the man responsible for the wonderful images in the map), Stefan Hester.  Check his site out; amazing!

The Speedlight that I was using, Nikon sb-400, died of battery drain after this shot, so I had to improvise from here forward…


54Mandi in the Morton D. May Auditorium.

55Waterfall in the auditorium.



58Looking towards the old courthouse (where the Dredd Scott Trial was held, among others).


Off to Busch Stadium for the Home Run Derby, or rather off to outside Busch Stadium for the Home Run Derby!






72Pujols hits a homer!


77Last shot of the Citygarden on the way back to the car.


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