Hours of Idleness-A Photographer's Journey in St. Louis

Not a Charlie Brown Xmas Tree…

Posted in photography by Jason Gray on December 11, 2009

About two weeks ago, my wife and I drove over to Ted Drewes (the delicious, frozen custard stand) to check out their Christmas Tree selection, which is a winter preoccupation of theirs. We were really surprised at the selection and cost. This White Pine, over 6′ tall, farmed locally, and with a “Dottie” rating (Ted Drewes’ indication of excellent proportion and posture), cost only $40! We bought our tree last year from Home Depot for more than that, and who knows where it came from.

All Nikon D300 with Tokina 80-200mm f/2.8 AT-x (manual focus) Lens; full shot of tree by Nikon D50 with Nikkor 28-80mm f/3.3-5.6G Lens.


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  1. […] and so my wife and I got some things done (and had a little fun, too).  First, we took down our Christmas tree, which resulted in an explosion of pine needles all over our apartment. Seriously, it looked like […]

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