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Computers Make Me Want To Kill Myself

Posted in awareness by Jason Gray on January 6, 2010

Aaargh!! Tonight, after work, I came home, and agreed to setup my wife’s new, wireless, HP printer for her office computer. A seemingly simple task, and it was, for the Macintosh operating system. However, my wife also runs a Windows XP system on her Mac, through Parallels, so that she can use AutoCAD (which is what she really needs to print), and installing that proved to be “Mission: Impossible”. Four hours later, I gave up on trying to configure the Windows/printer union, and started planning where to plant the explosives at IBM. Seriously, how easy should it be to setup a printer?!? Now mind you, I am no tech-wizz by nature, nor am I a computer programmer by training, but I have installed and setup a printer or two in my lifetime, and it has never taken me longer than a beer to finish. In point of fact, setting up a printer with Mac OS has always been a complete breeze; insert disc, click, click, print. Macintosh’s are just better, I guess. No offense to any of you Windows lovin’ readers- actually, scratch that. What’s wrong with you people? You are like the masochists of the computer world. Buy a Mac and end your suffering. Just needed to rant…


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  1. […] photography than I do to my other work (it’s still not much; look a few past posts back for my relationship to computers), and that, times 500 or so pics, multiplied by the fact that I have another full-time job, equals […]

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