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Turning 30

Posted in Uncategorized by Jason Gray on January 11, 2010

My wife, Mandi, and I.

Turning 30 from 29 represents a transition that is more symbolic than it is physiological.  I had thought that I understood the silliness of what is symbolized in the transition between theses decades (one, an era of youthfulness, independence and possibility and the other an era of acceptance and consignment), and could therefore encounter the gravity of the situation with the rationality necessary to escape the trap of woeful self-reflection.  But, it turned out that I was nevertheless susceptible; I wrote to myself sometime last year that “there is a point in every man’s life when he stops imagining what he is capable of, and starts wondering what exactly he has accomplished.”  I guess that point for me was turning 30.  I know that this sounds very “mid-life crises”-ish, but it is more an example of how melodramatic I am about,  well, just about everything.  I am the first to point out my flaws, sometimes even before other people have even realized them, so it was really moving to me last night, to believe that I was going out for a drink with my wife, and instead walk in to the dining room at the Scottish Arms to find it full of my family and friends.  I don’t know what I did to deserve such a strong show of support and affection from all of these wonderful people, but I am truly appreciative and lucky to have received it.  Last night was truly one of the best evenings of my life, and I am thankful to have such an amazing wife to plan such an event.  To everyone who came, thank you so much.

My sister, Emma, and I.

My mom and baby cousin.

My cousin, Carrie, Grandma and Aunt Joyce.

My step-dad, Larry.

Me and my friend, Curt.  I am going to miss him when he moves to ATL!

Friends, Debra and Phyllis Santamaria, and I.

My brother, Scott, and his girlfriend, Jess.

Delicious birthday cake.

Friends, Curt and Annie, and I.

Me and my friend, Mark.

This is what I imagine Curt would look like if he lived in Wisconsin…

My bro, in the final moments before the death of his white sweater.

Strombow holding up the bar.

Me, Scott, and what lots of alcohol does to us…

Scott, Jess, Erika and Mark afterwards.

Not pictured: My cousin Keith, and my friends, Namdol, Galina, Josh and Diane (I have pictures of you on film, but need to finish shooting the roll).

Thanks again to everyone, and I am going to spend the rest of today recovering!

Much love to all of you!!


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  1. curt said, on January 11, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    awesome. it was a great time, so glad i could be there to celebrate with you!
    i used to live in northern-lower michigan, just across the lake from wisconsin. but i never had a fab hat like that.

    i will miss you too!

  2. Anut Joyce said, on January 13, 2010 at 8:07 am

    We love you so glad Mandi and you are back home. We had a great time

  3. Transitions… « d’Arte Board said, on January 15, 2010 at 11:13 pm

    […] Turning 30 (more on that here): […]

  4. […] Turning 30 (more on that here): […]

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