Hours of Idleness-A Photographer's Journey in St. Louis

There’s Always Room for Polaroid…

Posted in photography by Jason Gray on March 18, 2010

My brother and Mandi at Cunetto’s.

What can I say, Polaroid is the Jello of camera gear; everyone loves them, they’re both easy to make, and they are both more fun than the alternatives. Over the years, I shot with two Polaroid cameras, a 600 and a Spectra, and it was always with the spirit of adventure that I took them into the street or around the house. I have read that Fuji will be producing “Polaroid” film in the wake of Polaroid stopping the manufacture of their own. It is news that excites me, because no matter how instant digital has made things, there is still something to watching the magic (or chemistry) of traditional photography unfold into an image right in front of your face that posting pictures on the computer can’t compete with. These shots are of old me and now me, old wife and now wife, Carbondale, Chicago and St. Louis. Enjoy, and sorry about the dust!

Me at 17 in Chicago.

Mandi at the Shakespeare Festival of St. Louis.


William Upski Wimsatt came to my ‘hood.




One plant, one cheap magnifying glass, one Polaroid Spectra…

Guitar Hero Mandi.

Rosemary in the old apartment in Chicago.

The stop near where I lived and worked in Chicago.


Mandi at 19, Carbondale.



With family.


Moi at 29.

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