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Form 2010: A Contemporary Design Show

Posted in art, awareness, technique by Jason Gray on June 10, 2010

My wife, Mandi Gray, will have her design (pictured above) featured in FORM 2010, at the Luminary Center for the Arts in August. This is a project that she did back when we lived in Chicago, and it is near and dear to her. Her words:

“As an interior designer, it is always fun to work on unique and sometimes unexpected projects. This was definitely the case for me when Rachel Carlson walked into my design firm and asked for information on bamboo. The connection between myself and this soon-to-be client was instant. As our discussion of her motor coach progressed, a remodel project came to fruition. We both believed this project would not be for ourselves soley, but one that could inspire others. A project that was a bit outside the norm that would allow others to think creatively about any space and make design visions come to life.

The motor coach was a typical 1970’s space, filled to the brim with orange shag carpeting, orange velvet upholstery, and orange plastic side and back splashes. All of this began to change once Rachel and I put our heads together and decided to focus on environmental concepts and a “martini lounge meets zen garden” theme. Our desire was to keep the feeling of traveling in a motor coach alive, but introduce a lush, comfortable, and nature-inspired space for her family to enjoy while vacationing.

Bamboo, chocolate burl cork flooring, eco-resin side and back splashes, jelly bean rocks, and mohair were all used to create the desired look for the space.

Overall, this is still my favorite design project to date. I had an amazing time working on not only the project, but with such kind people. This project may be a bit unusual, but it is definitely a functional, beautiful space for her family to enjoy for years to come.”

The motor coach will be driven down to St. Louis and parked out front of FORM, and everyone is invited to come and check it out!

More on FORM here.


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