Hours of Idleness-A Photographer's Journey in St. Louis

Coming Soon!

Posted in art, black and white, photography by Jason Gray on October 7, 2012

Long time no postings, you say? Well, I have been hard at work (I am going back to school, full-time, to teach), but I apologize anyway.

I do have some rather exciting new projects to share, and I’ll try to get on a semi-regular schedule of posting them.

First, the photos above and below are from a new series that I have started which takes a closer look at the diversity of the student populations in post-secondary schools around St. Louis. These images were all photographed at St. Louis Community College in Forest Park (more to come).

Second, I am very close to finishing my new website, which takes some design cues from this very blog! Look for that soon.

Third, I have a growing body of non-photographic artwork that I have been doing for school. I’ll begin posting those hopefully by the end of October (I need to take some good photos of them).

Finally, my side project, Photo Flood Saint Louis, has been growing exponentially, and has garnered the attention of the local National Public Radio affiliate. If you are in St. Louis, send me a message to photofloodstl@yahoo.com to participate. Our next event is on the 13th.

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