Hours of Idleness-A Photographer's Journey in St. Louis

Having Fun with Instagram

Posted in art, black and white, photography, technique by Jason Gray on January 4, 2013


In my current photography practice, I rarely experiment. Generally, I know what I want before I take the picture, and getting there is just a serious of technical steps. This isn’t to say that my process lacks creativity; rather, it implies that the creative part happens mostly in my mind these days.

That said, I received my first smartphone at the end of November (I was sort of a neo-luddite holdout), and I’ve been having a lot of fun with using it as a camera. As far as Apps go, I’m using Snapseed (to do more complicated/specific edits), SplitPic (to create odd juxtapositions), DMD (for Panoramas), the built-in Camera (for quick snaps to edit later), and InstaSize (to upload images taken with other Apps full-size to Instagram) in coordination with the eponymous image creation/sharing software. This fact has brought a whole lot of experimentation and a focus on formal, pictorial concerns back to my picture-taking. What fun!

This month, my photo group, Photo Flood Saint Louis, will be exploring Old North St. Louis, and I plan on just taking my iPhone. I can’t wait! BTW, if I’ve missed anyone’s calls, it’s because I’m too busy taking pictures….








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