Hours of Idleness-A Photographer's Journey in St. Louis

The Spoils and How Not to Give an Acceptance Speech

Posted in art, awareness, photography, Uncategorized by Jason Gray on January 23, 2013

jasongray 03

Tonight, Hours of Idleness was awarded the distinction of “Best Arts Blog” by the Riverfront Times at their annual Web Awards event. This is a tremendous amount of praise for my humble little site, and I was more than caught off-guard to receive it. So, I naturally fumbled the acceptance speech…. I’d like to properly atone here for this flub by properly thanking my lovely wife for her extreme patience in allowing me to skip innumerable dinners with her in order to spend it with my computer, the Riverfront Times for being awesome (and for the record, I do read and love the writing of the RFT), and my fantastic readers who have been with me for some or all of the four years that I have been writing Hours of Idleness.

I am refocused and reenergized by this great news and support for my work. Expect to see regular new content moving forward.

Until then, enjoy some pics from the event and of my shiny, new trophy.

jasongray 01

jasongray 04


web awards cover-thumb-250x281

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