Hours of Idleness-A Photographer's Journey in St. Louis


Posted in art, black and white, film by Jason Gray on March 20, 2013

Jason Gray; Coefficient II, 2013.

In mathematics, a coefficient represents a numerical value which is assigned to a variable (ie. in 4x, “4” is the coefficient). For this series of films, each frame represents an individual person, and is the result of a simple activity. In Coefficient II, the activity is to draw a line down the paper from one end to the other, while in Coefficient I, the activity is to choose a letter stamp and to make a mark or marks on the paper with it. In this way, every person approaches the assignment with a different understanding of how to accomplish it, making the variable unpredictable. As films, the frames moving together in succession offer insight into the complexity of societies.

Jason Gray; Coefficient I, 2013.

Some self-reflection on the project:
Much of my work deals with identity, or how to reduce the complex individual into their basest representation. Can a single mark on a page represent an entire person? If you think no, consider that we often allow one of two very simple symbols to represent all of us:

Although primarily representations of gender, they also say something about us as people (especially when they appear along with the words, “Men” or “Women”, or are color-coded, etc.). Do these manufactured symbols express more about you than a mark that you can individually make on a page?

First public screening for Coefficient I:


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