Hours of Idleness-A Photographer's Journey in St. Louis

A Sometimes Lonely City, part III

Posted in art, perception, Photo Walk, photography, Uncategorized by Jason Gray on August 10, 2013


St. Louis Gateway Mall, 2013.

This post continues my “quiet” venture into the St. Louis cityscape. See part I and part II for more.

By the way, all of these images were photographed while on events sponsored by Photo Flood Saint Louis. If you are looking for a good opportunity to explore the city and to be a part of its photographic community, PFSTL is a great way to start.


Missouri History Museum, 2013.


Cinco de Mayo on Cherokee Street, 2013.


The Hill, 2013.


Carondelet Park, 2013.


Central West End, 2013.


St. Louis Gateway Mall, 2013.


The Hill, 2013.


Lafayette Park, 2013.


Central West End, 2013.

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