Hours of Idleness-A Photographer's Journey in St. Louis

St. Louis Shoots: Contemporary Street Photographers from St. Louis

Posted in art, black and white, photography, Uncategorized by Jason Gray on March 3, 2014

JarredGastreich001 (1)

Jarred Gastreich; St. Louis, 2013

I hope that all of you will make it to my next exhibition at the International Photography Hall of Fame, which I have guest curated for the Museum. The opening is March 7, from 6-9p, and the run is from 3/7 to 4/27.

Press release:

“St. Louis is a city with a rich photographic heritage stretching back almost to the very origin of the medium. Today, the cultural landscape of the city supports a diverse array of photographic artists, including a large network of street photographers who work with the city as either their subject or home base.

‘St. Louis Shoots: Contemporary Street Photographers from St. Louis’ features work from such recognized artists as Yvette Drury Dubinsky and Sam Fentress, while introducing the photographs of many talented newcomers. For an outsider’s perspective, the exhibition will juxtapose a portion of ‘Anna Kuperberg’s South Side’.

On view with the legendary photographs featured in ‘Decisive Moments: 20th Century Street Photography Prints from St. Louis Collections’, the exhibition offers an exciting comparison of current talent to those masters who defined the street.”

Some other images from the exhibition after the jump.


Samuel Fentress; Pittsburg, Kansas, 1997


Deborah Weinstein; Havana, 2001


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