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(Possible) Eulogy for my Nikon D50

Posted in art, Uncategorized by Jason Gray on April 20, 2014


It is a sad day, friends. Today, my trusty Nikon D50, pictured above, may have suffered a fatal symptom- the Black Screen of Death.


The Black Screen of Death, or “Shutter Failure”, occurs when the camera’s shutter has ceased functioning (the result of age/use in this case), and so instead of pictures of your beautiful family, the back LCD displays a solid black screen; I can only imagine that this is the outward expression for the inner hurt the camera itself must be feeling.


Strangely, the D50 seems mechanically unphased except for the failed or failing shutter, which is rated to 75,000 clicks. The images do have exif data to them, and the camera meters for exposure, drives the focus, and engages aperture as usual. There is simply no image that results.


Thankfully, I just updated my back-up camera to a used D200, because I had intended for this much-loved little guy to go to my wife, who is an Interior Designer and a very casual photographer. Based on information from various forums online, there is a small chance that this could be the work of a faulty transistor instead of the whole shutter mechanism. If this is true, maybe the D50 has a shot at a second act…

All images taken with Nikon D50 (except for the camera shot).


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  1. William said, on April 21, 2014 at 11:56 am


    The D200 will serve you well.

    You can pick up a D50 for about $100 at KEH… which is probably less than a transistor replacement.


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