Hours of Idleness-A Photographer's Journey in St. Louis


Posted in art, perception, photography, Uncategorized by Jason Gray on June 20, 2014


Godard 1-4

For nearly two hundred years, culture has taught us to accept photographs as truthful vestiges of events that have occurred, and we have been conditioned to ignore the manners in which that truth is manipulated by both the photographer and the camera. In the digital era, our faith in the photo document is no less, despite the many additional ways that images are altered (ranging from a conscious event like post-processing to the unintended problems inherent to having the digital sensor emulate analog film).

Telegenic is a series exploring the manipulation and dispersion of digital media via light-emitting displays, and the ways in which digital capture fails to fully communicate screen-originated imagery.


Altman 1-4

jason_gray01 (1)

Pollock 1-4

More to come soon.

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