Hours of Idleness-A Photographer's Journey in St. Louis

What’s in my Camera Bag?


Who doesn’t love “What’s in My Camera Bag?” posts? This one shows what I plan to take on vacation with me at the end of the month, when my family and I will be traveling by cruise ship from Oahu to Maui, then to Hawaii (Big Island), and finally to Vancouver, BC. I’ve never taken a cruise, so I am excited for the experience.

As for the gear, I will be taking memory enough for 2500 pictures (I doubt that I will shoot anywhere near that), two camera bodies with older manual focus lenses attached (a wide and a short telephoto on DX), ND filters (I seldom use these, but have some ideas in mind), a passport (for Canada), and more.

I decided upon the two bodies with primes because of the improved shooting experience. I’ve been using this set-up for a while, and it really gets me connected to the shot. I had considered my f/2.8 zooms, but they are heavy and are not nearly as much fun to shoot.

The F-Stop Millar Series Bandon bag that I am using is configured for speed with the two bodies; I grab the camera/lens combo that I want, nail down the shot, and then it goes back in the bag super fast. The Millar line is designed with this versatility in mind, but is styled to look good at the same time (leather accents, etc.). In fact, I own the Smoky Mountain backpack from this series as well! If you are looking for a practical (and attractive) camera messenger bag, I highly recommend the Bandon.

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