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F-Stop Millar Series, Bandon

Posted in F-Stop Gear, F-Stop Millar Series Bandon, Jason Gray by Jason Gray on May 4, 2015


I recently converted to using the F-Stop Millar Series, Bandon bag in an effort to make my street shooting process quicker, lighter, and more efficient. Essentially, the problem for photographers who shoot like I do is that the bags that you are likely to encounter are either designed for speed or transport. Those designed for speed, like many slings, typically do not hold as much gear, and/or are a bit uncomfortable for many physiques. Those designed for transport usually weigh a ton when packed, and/or require you to take the bag off of your body to access your gear. In terms of styling, almost no affordable bags on the market look anything other than utilitarian. I am happy to report that, with the Bandon, none of the conventional wisdom applies.


jasongray199 (1)

In full disclosure, I am the Community Manager for F-Stop Gear in St. Louis, so feel free to take what I have to say however you please (although, this personal site is not sponsored by the manufacturer and I am encouraged by my employer to write honestly, if I feel like writing anything at all). The truth is that I owned an F-Stop Millar Series, Smoky Mountain backpack before coming to work at F-Stop, and it is absolutely the reason why I wanted to work there. It is a beautiful bag and incredibly versatile for a photographer on the go.

However, I still needed a product that could store my gear at the ready for street/event photography. The Bandon does this.

Here is how I packed it for my Hawaii trip:

This layout enabled me to carry two, “prosumer” camera bodies with lenses attached, and an array of other tools so that everything was right where I needed it, when I needed it. In another scenario, I could replace the flash unit and accessories with another, larger lens for enhanced coverage. For me, this would mean carrying two cameras and 24mm, 50mm, and either 11-16mm or 105mm lenses; a photographer can do a lot with those options. Without the books, I could easily add a flash or two back into the mix.

On my way onto a trail at Haleakala National Park:

Specifications for the Bandon:

jasongray198 (1)

If you are a street photographer, or are otherwise looking for a lightweight, stylish camera bag for less than $100, look no further than the Bandon.

Later this year, F-Stop will be introducing its update to this model (pictured below). This new design is set to improve the user’s interface, and even adds the ability to attach a tripod/monopod.



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