Hours of Idleness-A Photographer's Journey in St. Louis

Interlude: Walking Distance

Posted in art, awareness, family, Jason Gray, perception, Photo Walk, photography, prime lenses, Uncategorized by Jason Gray on May 27, 2016

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Like most neighborhoods in St. Louis, there is a lot to photograph within a short walk of my front door.  As a colonial city (that’s right, STL was founded during the time of the 13 colonies), there is more than two and a half centuries of history bottled up in this city, and that is if you are only counting since the time of French settlement.  It is no wonder then that a short stroll can reveal countless insights into the idiosyncratic nature of this town’s architecture, natural landscape , and people.

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It has now been a full week since our second son was born, so my wife and I thought it was high-time to get out for some fresh air and to give Ellison his first real trip outside.  Granted, he did sleep through the whole thing!

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My neighborhood, Holly Hills, is surrounded by a beautiful park, the city’s most-populous neighborhood, and a neighborhood drastically revitalized by a modern European immigration, so you are likely to see something entirely different, depending which way you go from my front door.

In the future, I will be doing some more interludes within “walking distance”, so stay tuned!

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