Hours of Idleness-A Photographer's Journey in St. Louis

Interlude: PFSTL Top Ten, #8. Downtown

jason_gray - 1 (4)

Photo Flood Saint Louis turns four this August.  This post is a continuation of a countdown to commemorate this exciting milestone.

The Downtown neighborhood is every bit the soul of the St. Louis region.  It encapsulates the city’s origins, and includes its best known testaments to culture, business, government, and society.  The world’s first skyscraper, the once longest arch bridge in the world, and the world’s tallest monument live here.  Our relationship to the mighty Mississippi River is embodied here.

With all of that considered, it is no wonder that I began Photo Flood Saint Louis with a visit Downtown, and for the first two anniversaries of the group, we returned there.  These images come from our second venture into the neighborhood; one year after founding.

jason_gray - 1 (1)

jason_gray - 1 (9)

jason_gray - 1 (5)

jason_gray - 1 (7)

Before I settled into using my two cameras and two lens setup, I considered Photo Floods as an opportunity to challenge myself photographically (as described in my countdown post for The Patch).  I would sometimes bring an old camera and slow lens for shooting in low light, or a telephoto for big buildings, or as in the case here, I would break out the old film cameras and give them a workout.  For Downtown part 2, I brought along a Bronica ETRSi, a Nikon N80, and my iPhone.  Needless to say, this was a really fun outing, which continued at home in developing the Kodak T-Max.

jason_gray - 1 (13).jpg

jason_gray - 1 (8).jpg

jason_gray - 1 (6)

jason_gray - 1 (12)

jason_gray - 1

jason_gray - 1 (3)

jason_gray - 1 (10)

jason_gray - 1 (2)

If you are interested in becoming a member, head on over to photofloodstl.org, or visit our page on Facebook and let us know!  As always, it is free to join and free to participate.



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