Hours of Idleness-A Photographer's Journey in St. Louis

Interlude: Saint Louis Art Museum

Posted in film, Interlude, Jason Gray, Uncategorized by Jason Gray on December 21, 2016


I first began working at the Saint Louis Art Museum in January of 2003.  Over the years, the Museum has introduced me to many great friends and has offered me a practical education beyond the scope of anything that I learned in college.  At SLAM, I’ve worked as a Gallery Attendant, the Photography and Image Rights Manager, a Preparator, and as a Security Officer.  I cannot imagine a more well-rounded glimpse into how Museums operate than this.



Throughout this time, I’ve made sketches and photographs that document both life at SLAM and the changes to the Museum as a part of its historic expansion.  This body of work is a love letter of sorts that I’d like to share in full some day.

For now, enjoy these ten highlights and please tune-in to my Instagram account (@grayphotostl) in January for a broader view, as I plan to dedicate that month of posting to SLAM.



jason_gray - 1 (63).jpg

jason_gray - 1 (83).jpg

jason_gray - 1 (90).jpg

jason_gray - 1 (133).jpg



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