Hours of Idleness-A Photographer's Journey in St. Louis


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I’ve expressed my fondness for working with the human form in previous posts (here, here, and here).  All of that said, I think it is important to note that these sessions are important to me/my work for a variety of reasons.



My Best of 2016

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1. reveler at St. Louis Mardi Gras for PFSTL (Photo Flood Saint Louis)

Time again for my annual post of my favorite images (24 this time) and personal accomplishments.  To my recollection, very few years of my 36 or so in the world rival 2016 in terms of sheer awfulness.  I mean, the year was literally ushered in with a devastating flood for the record books….


Interlude: PFSTL Top Ten, #1. Dutchtown


Photo Flood Saint Louis turns four this August.  This post is a continuation of a countdown to commemorate this exciting milestone.

Dutchtown, named after a mispronunciation of “deutsch”, is St. Louis’ most populated neighborhood, and equally one of the city’s most threatened and potential-rich.


On Photography

On Artists


The Photography Experience

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As mentioned previously, my last trip to Hawaii left me considering our relationship to our cameras and the images they make. A tour of Honolulu made me broadly aware of the spectrum of motivation behind our image-making; does a photograph make a document, and if so, is the document of the subject in front of the camera or the one behind it?


Hawaii and Cruise, Day 12

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On day twelve, we arrived in Vancouver in British Columbia (Canada). This day was a whirlwind that included disembarkation from Solstice, a customs inspection in the Canadian port, a U.S. border crossing, almost ten hours on a bus, a red eye flight from Seattle to Chicago, a two hour lay over at O’Hare Airport, a one hour flight back to St. Louis, and time spent tracking down our luggage (which somehow made it to Akron, Ohio). Yes, exhausting….

Still, we somehow made time to do a little exploring in Vancouver and in Seattle.


Hawaii and Cruise, days 7-11

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The Celebrity Solstice ship that we stayed upon during the duration of our vacation is one of eleven ships in the Celebrity fleet, and at over 1,000 feet long and 122,000 tons is the 31st largest cruise ship active today (it is an awful comparison, but the ship is 200 feet longer and almost three times heavier than the Titanic). In terms of amenities, the 16 decks on Solstice offer a half-acre of living grass, a basketball court, the Cornish Hot Glass Studio, an arcade, a casino, and a 1,000+ seat theatre, in addition to the restaurants, pools, and shops that you probably expect. Live music and entertainment was provided each night while at sea, and the ship even coordinates shore excursions for a fee. It goes almost without saying then that there is always something to do while aboard. However, the truly special element for us was the crew, who remembered us from day to day and took a personal interest in our family. This was so important to our son, who really enjoyed visiting his new friends.


Hawaii and Cruise, Day 6

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Arriving in Hilo, Hawaii on day six, we were pleasantly surprised to realize that there was room for our massive cruise ship to dock (tendering back and forth eats up a lot of exploring time).

On this day, we rented another vehicle (a car this time) and set out to see Rainbow Falls, Hilo Farmer’s Market (one of the state’s largest with over 200 vendors), and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.