Hours of Idleness-A Photographer's Journey in St. Louis

Interlude: Mississippi River Flood, Winter 2015-2016

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This Interlude is a catch-up on some work that I did after the historic flood of last winter.

From The Weather Channel website:

The Mississippi River at St. Louis crested New Year’s Day at its third highest level on record (42.58 feet), less than a foot shy of its April 28, 1973 flood crest (43.23 feet), but well short of the record 1993 crest (49.58 feet). 

The St. Louis flood wall, as well as the Metro East St. Louis and Fish Lake levees protect the area to a river stage of 54 feet, which is 4.4 feet above the 1993 record crest. The river’s fast currents and high levels prompted the U.S. Coast Guard to shut down a five-mile section of the river to navigation near St. Louis.




Posted in art, photography by Jason Gray on March 9, 2012

Recently, I have been working on a new series of images involving work made while out on the Mississippi flood plain. This area is otherworldly, simply put. The levee system near St. Louis consists of several earthen mounds running parallel to the river, and it is obvious from the landscape between them and the river that devastation is a yearly occurrence. My waders on their way. More to come on this series…