Hours of Idleness-A Photographer's Journey in St. Louis

My Best of 2017 (part one)

1. former JC Penny Building in Wells Goodfellow for Photo Flood Saint Louis (PFSTL)

As mentioned in my “Best of” post for last year, 2016 pretty much wrecked my life, so it should come as no surprise that 2017 was a year of contemplation, reassessment and rebuilding. As 2018 dawns, I am concluding or have concluded several projects, some positive/some negative, some personal/some public, and am ready to welcome the start of what’s next. Enjoy this numbered list of my favorite images from last year, with some anecdotes sprinkled in between (this is a two-parter for the first time; look for the second one later in the month).



Interlude: St. Louis Magazine

jason_gray - 8

Recently, I had the opportunity to return to the incredible, historic renovation project underway in south St. Louis being conducted by Earthbound Beer, for their new tap room and brewing facility.  On the return, I re-joined historian and writer, Chris Naffziger, whose excellent feature can be read here.  You might recall the earlier images, and my facetious complaining about photographing in complete darkness; this time around, the brewers and builders have installed some lighting and ventilation in areas which made photography a snap.


Interlude: St. Louis Magazine

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abandoned mailroom, former St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department HQ

An old colleague and longtime friend, Chris Naffziger writes about the history of architecture for St. Louis Magazine and for his blog, St. Louis Patina.  Chris is easily one of St. Louis’ best minds on the subject, and occasionally, he taps my photography to illustrate his articles (particularly I think, when he wants to torture me with some extremely challenging photo scenario).

“Interludes” are the posts in-between the posts that this site focuses on, and provide me with an opportunity to share things that I find interesting. They are not archived like the core posts.