Hours of Idleness-A Photographer's Journey in St. Louis

Rene Magritte

Posted in art by Jason Gray on January 9, 2010

“The Son of Man”

Rene Magritte was a painter who focused on opposing realities.  Realities that, somehow were more tangible and expressible than those defined by the typical parlor tricks of other Surrealists.[1] Possibly this was because Magritte’s subjects were mundane subjects, items and people you might run into on a typical day, people and items that an average person would instantly equate meanings to that Magritte could then shatter.  In his work, an immense hovering cloud would fill a mere wine glass, a pipe was a painting was a pipe, and an artist could make a nude woman real through his brush. Through these paintings and more, Magritte’s reality was to oppose reality, and somehow, inexplicably, his opposition to reality also defined it.