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Ideal Requisites for Producing Art

Posted in art, awareness, technique by Jason Gray on July 25, 2010

1. Three (slightly facetious) Core Requirements to Becoming an Artist

i. Time

a) Time is necessary and precludes all activities.

b) In order to create time for art, one must be able to first provide more for oneself than one needs to survive (ie. excess money, beyond that for shelter or food; or else precious time will be spent attaining them.)

c) One must be able to retreat from social situations (ie. family, friends), in order to create

ii. Place

a) A place is required for: 1. Practice of art; 2. Study of art; 3. Exhibition of art; 4. Discussion of art

b) Place should be away from the artist’s living/family space, and it should stimulate the impulses of the artist.

c)Place for the study of art/exhibition of art/discussion of art can exist outside of reality (ie. internet), but the creation of art should always be in a place tangible to the flesh.

iii. Intellectual Stimulus

a) Just as “place” should be conducive to the artist’s production, the complete environment of the artist should be as intellectually stimulating as possible

b) Necessities for intellectual stimulation: 1. Access to information on other artists (past and/or present); 2. Access to other artists’ work (past and/or present); 3.Time to think; 4. Reinforcement from friends/family; 5. Active regimen of reading/practicing art.

c) Intellectual stimulus can originate from immaterial sources (ie. the internet).

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